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Milton Ford University is fully accredited with recognized councils and accreditation bodies. We ensure to maintain the validity and legitimacy of our university. This is an advantage for your education to get recognized all around the world with 100% validity of the university. Milton Ford University has been accredited by the accreditation bodies by the higher educational authorities and Board of Trusties all together. We ensure to meet global educational standards to endow you with the best academic learning for an accelerated future.


Accreditation is a legitimacy and security that the University meets quality standards established by the US Department of Education and the Global Accreditation Council for Business Education. Fortunately, you will be a part of Milton Ford University which is completely accredited and recognized worldwide.


European Accreditation Council For Online Education EACOE® is the European quality label for higher education programs offered by leading universities. The EACOE® encompasses over 21 disciplines and is internationally recognized for both academic and professional mobility.

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Middle East Association of Certified Engineers (MEACE) is an international agency working to enhance the standards of education for working adults all across the world. It operates worldwide, granting educational accreditation upon evaluation to institutions involved in education for adult learners.

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The International Accreditation Board for Psychology Education (IABPE) is a world-renowned and highly reputed quality and standards organization responsible for assessing the performance of educational institutions around the globe.

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International business accreditation and regulatory commission (IBARC) is a business accreditation and regulatory body that is working to enhance the standards of education worldwide. It has a global operations, whereby it grants accreditation to business schools and institutions who are involved in providing education to the world.

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GCCPM Certification is the main enabler. We believe in imparting quality, focused, committed and value driven professionals with skills. GCCPM certification has the ability to drive the ingredients of ingenuity, discipline, respect, dignity, leadership, momentum and drive into our certified members.

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Middle East Accreditation for Quality Education (MEAQE) is an international accreditation body which has authority and accountability to ensure high quality standards and criteria for accreditation in the Middle East region and across the world. MEAQE serves as a service resource for traditional and non-traditional institutes and professionals.

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  • We offer flexible education
  • We are internationally recognized
  • We hire the best faculty from the industry
  • We provide a large variety of online courses
  • We offer fully accredited online courses


We aim to deliver excellent educational standards worldwide to raise academic standards and improve quality of
education. We strive to seek for better standards each day to reach to the optimum level of quality.

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